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It provides this service applying best practices for humanitarian and financial interventions in emergencies.


It provides this service to assist local and international NGOS that aim to alleviate sufferance and decrease the conflict affects on Yemeni populations.


It commits to continual improvement, test and enroll different new modalities to better services provision and decrease the access cost using the best technical tools.


It guarantees the delivery of assistance to beneficiaries using a high level of internal and third-party control systems featured of best practices to ensure the quality of services and achieve commitments.

Our Products


  • Managing call center and social media to receive complaints
  • Managing complaints responses till being closed
  • Managing cases of fraud and associated risks

Bio sys

  • Processing the connecting between individuals and their data.
  • Checking and authenticating at the server level to control over duplication and fraud


  • Parcels beneficiaries' data, distribution sites, operations, and agents and tracks distribution teams' movement.
  • Accepts inputs from all systems
  • Coordinates of each implemented transaction

M&E Sys

  • Tracking project indicators performance
  • Post distribution monitoring
  • Data entry of distribution assessment
  • Inclusion of project success overall indicators

Beneficiary Management Sys

  • The system works online and offline
  • Data collection can be implemented through various platforms of YCASH (SMS platform, social media – bots)
  • Beneficiaries registration:
    • Registration (data collection) of beneficiary HHs and individuals
    • Saving data of beneficiaries and their HHs
  • Beneficiaries Verification:
    • Automated verification of beneficiaries through different mechanisms including validation of data with IDs, matching their biometrics, and identification of duplication
    • Automated verification against the criteria of selection
  • Beneficiaries data management:
    • Creating a profile for each beneficiary (automatically)
    • Tracking provided services for each beneficiary from each project
    • Maps of beneficiaries’ locations (different levels)
    • Exporting reports of different formats
    • User-friendly and controlled dashboards
    • Data updating or data collecting
    • Tracking regular visits data
    • Managing permissions and authorities of system users

Surveys Sys

  • Works online and offline Designing or uploading questionnaire.
  • Data collection (of different methods and tools)
  • Data validation
  • Managing permissions and authorities of system users
  • On time data presentation
  • User controlled analysis and reports
  • Maps of data collection sites (against sampled locations)
  • Exporting reports of different formats
  • Connectivity with other systems

Mobile Team Sys

  • Works online and offline
  • Transfer releasing to cases and uploading documents
  • Managing permissions and authorities of system users

Humanitarian Cash Transfer

  • Data entry of firms/organizations, projects, and transfers rounds
  • Managing conditions of firms/organizations
  • Managing distribution operations in the fixed sites and field teams.
  • Connectivity to web platform to enable donors access

Projects Management Sys

  • A system that enables the user to rely on an accurate efficient schedule
  • Facilitates the process of measuring performance and monitoring the progress of the project on an ongoing basis
  • Facilitates the process of measuring performance and monitoring the progress of the project on an ongoing basis
  • Facilitates the process of planning and allocating available resources within the available budgets
  • Rapidly processing the data, offering a detailed and prompt reporting of the distribution
  • The system can handle both cash or in-kind aids
  • Linking all data to the main system with the ability to access data on more than one platform
  • The system accommodates more than one ready-made form to facilitate the distribution of in-kind supplies

Our Portfolio

COVID-19 Emergency Food response (CEFR) Project 2021

Adventist Development and Relief Agency - ADRA (2)

MPCA - Remaining installments for 1 HHs in Al-Ma'afer


Cash Distribution for Al-Buraiqa district - Aden Governorate (EX146) - 3rd round for 684 HH

International Rescue Committee

Unconditional cash assistance program for conflict-affected families in Buraiqa District, Aden Governorate, fifth and sixth batches

International Rescue Committee

Emergency Support Project for People Affected by Torrents in Saira Directorate, Aden Governorate

Nahda Makers Organization

Unconditional cash assistance program for families affected by conflict in Al-Buraiqa district Aden governorate

International Rescue Committee


We provide volunteering opportunities, helping talented across Yemen apply their skills in a challenging work environment. Join us now you will make a positive impact on your community.

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