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Payment Methods

Smart Branch

It is an innovation to increase the community’s a.. ccess to financial services; all services are automated and implemented by clients. People will not need to travel either to spend time at a financial institution to create an account, receive or send a transfer, inquire about services, pay for services, and so on, they just make commands to the machine which is going to process all transactions and requests.

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It is a method through which hard-to-reach communities.. can access their humanitarian transfers at the time the implementers nor financial service providers cannot reach these communities.

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Humanitarian transfers has deployed a (door to Door) me.. thod ology, a new mean of distributing normal transfers and humanitarian aids to beneficiaries through Humanitarian transfers mobile team who move to beneficiaries' houses to deliver payments. This methodology has been recently developed, in the emergence of Coronavirus pandemic, aiming at reducing any associated risks .

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Community Temp. Centers

They are temporary cash transfers disbursement/distribu.. tion sites which will be established in the targeted communities (the least organization unit like villages) so beneficiaries will not bear any costs for transportation.

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Outreach & Coverage Methods

NETWOEK of networks

Humanitarian Transfers was founded to support all finan.. cial services providers to deliver their services to clients, so working with all networks including banks network, exchangers houses network and E-wallet service providers will enable clients to access the different services of different providers from the one channel m, in the mean time service providers sell their products efficiently. Humanitarian Transfers Network of networks:

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Banks Network

Yemeni banks are connected with YCash which enables ban.. k’ s customers and clients to make transactions through this network.

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E -wallets Services

Humanitarian Transfers is connected with in-country E-w.. allet services and in the process to connect with global e-wallets and payment gateways.

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Exchange Houses Network

All money transfers and exchangers networks are connect.. ed with humanitarian transfers which enables clients to send and receive their transfers through whatever network or agents via Humanitarian Transfers.

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Master Card

In addition to other various commercial solutions, YCASH is the exclusive partner of Mastercard for the Community Pass Solutions in Yemen.YCASH is one of our affiliates. Community Pass is a set of advanced solutions for humanitarian and development agencies. Community Pass is an interoperable platform to digitize services for the base of the pyramid, designed to work both in an online and offline environment and to use off-the-shelf, readily-available client devices such as contactless Smart Chip and Android OS smartphones or tablets. Community Pass is also a set of common standards for all participating entities to adhere to consumer protections, data privacy, legal compliance, and security provisions. Community Pass includes the below systems: - MasterCard Aid Network (MCAID): is an end-to-end commercial technology solution designed to streamline aid distribution and help humanitarian actors respond to impacted populations quickly and efficiently. At its core, it is a digital, non-financial service that can be loaded on a chip card and used by organizations to provide basic human needs. The chip-enabled card is periodically loaded with value for the necessary goods (food, doctors’ visits, resources, etc.), as required; the local merchants is provided a tablet with a visual, user-friendly interface that allows beneficiaries to conduct a transaction using their card – even in offline environments. Beneficiaries can use a PIN or if deployed in combination with Inclusive Identity to authenticate their purchases. Both merchants and program operators can review their transaction history in digital reports at any time, eliminating the need for paper records.

Technical Support

Providing technical solutions

Providing technical solutions to connect all regions and islands in Yemen.

Work in multiple/different computer

Work in multiple/different computer operating modes that fully help support work in offline mode across a synchronous data system.

Synchronized work and direct

Synchronized work and direct relay to NGOs’ systems (on request-basis) and agents’ systems and pos.

Support vital information and links

Support vital information and links it to financial services and aid disbursement.

Connecting all financial transfer networks

Connecting all financial transfer networks and business activities in Yemen as part of the largest remittance network in Yemen that meets the needs of all Yemenis.

A specialized department for quality assurance

A specialized department for quality assurance and to monitor the implementation of tasks in accordance with the best standards and practices.

Ability to update periodically

Ability to update periodically and more than once per day

Complete cost reduction controls

Complete cost reduction controls for the customer whether in terms of moving or remaining at the disbursement site in accordance with best practices.

Control room at the central level

Control room at the central level as well as at the provincial level, to solve issues firsthand and promote success.

Detailed work reports covering the execution

Detailed work reports covering the execution of all routine and emergency work in accordance with best practices.

Support aid disbursement

Support aid disbursement in kind and from any commercial shop.

High consideration for gender

High consideration for gender, pregnant women, women with children, the elderly and the disabled.

Personalized SMS messages to the beneficiaries

Personalized SMS messages to the beneficiaries informing them with the time and location of the disbursement. With the option of sending awareness messages to all beneficiaries.

The option of providing awareness

The option of providing awareness on behalf of the NGO.

Secure disbursement sites

Secure disbursement sites in accordance with best practices that ensure that beneficiaries are protected from any blackmail or humiliation. Also to prevent vigilantes from interfering with the disbursement process while raising the beneficiaries awareness on their rights.

Trained disbursement teams

Trained disbursement teams in emergency labor standards in accordance with best practices.

High consideration for the privacy

High consideration for the privacy of disabled beneficiaries. Providing them with their own passages while facilitating the disbursement process for them outside the disbursement site. With the option of disbursement at their own locations.

Strict standards and controls

Strict standards and controls with a specialized department to prevent cases of fraud, follow up complaints, and deal with any breach in compensation of beneficiaries.

Technical support for financial organizations

Technical support for financial organizations, institutions and beneficiaries.

Continuous 24-hour support

Continuous 24-hour support via a free communication service that supports all networks locally and internationally.

Provide large tradable banknote

Provide large tradable banknote, with the option of cash withdrawals from any remittance network point.

Various plans for continuous labor

Various plans for continuous labor to ensure continuous operations, aid disbursement and support access to new beneficiaries.

Support geographic data

Support geographic data for all executed operations.